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About Cape Bodhi Works

Who We Are

At our studio, we believe that massage and spa therapies are not solely luxury treatments reserved for the uber wealthy. We consider these treatments to be front line defenses for optimal care, accessible to all. To ensure that all people who want treatment receive care, we offer in studio as well as at-home appointments.

Our goal at Cape Bodhi works is to offer all clients a respite from the stressors of daily living. We are a safe, judgment free space where you can drop your defenses and invite serenity. We offer peace and tranquility from the moment you walk through our doors that will linger long after you leave. 

Cape Bodhi Works are fully vaccinated, CPR-certified, and fully insured through ABMP.

Lily Hager, LMT - Owner, Lead Massage Therapist

Lily Hager is the lead massage therapist and owner of Cape Bodhi Works. Dedicated to providing superior service and skill, a typical massage session can significantly reduce pain, remove deeply held patterns of tension, free up stiff joints and allow for effortlessly better posture.

Lily grew up in a small suburban town on the north shore of Massachusetts. In 2001, she traveled to Northern California to study massage therapy at the Heartwood Institute and in 2010, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Education and English from Salem State University.

Lily moved to Cape Cod in 2014. She graduated from the 700-hour massage therapy program at The Massage Institute of Cape Cod in June of 2020 and became a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) out of the state of Massachusetts. She then worked as a massage therapist in a spa setting but quickly started her own business to incorporate a more spiritual element to her practice.  

When not working massage therapy. Lily can be found at a hot yoga class or is kept busy by her young son, Jack. She also has a cat, is into crafting and jewelry making, and enjoys roller blading.

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